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The Best Coffee Brewing Methods for Every Situation 


You don’t need a special occasion to brew yourself a stellar cup of coffee, but a different occasion can call for a different approach. We all have our go-to methods of preparing coffee to our liking, but with a little exploration we have the power to bring out entirely different flavors and qualities in the coffees we love and even make coffee possible in a variety of different situations (camping trip, anyone?).


In this month’s blog we’ll explore seven of our favorite coffee brewing methods that, when done properly, will give you great cups of coffee suited to your taste and convenience.


Why Shop Local? 

To find the answer, you don't have to look far!

If you didn’t know, as of January 2019, One World Roasters has opened the doors of its cafe to the public!


The response so far has been unbelievable and so heart-warming for us to see as an up and coming small business in the East Haven community. We’ve found incredible enthusiasm for the coffee shop in the local area and among even many residents of towns well outside of our backyard:


"Best cup of coffee I've had in a long time. This is my new go-to for good coffee. No more bland coffee chains. I've been waiting for this! If you want great coffee that's not overpriced and more importantly, a LOCAL small business, go to One World Roasters Cafe & Espresso Bar." -Jackie Trickett-Sargent


"I love the shop and I love the product. The coffee is top rate, we drink it every morning in our house and when we have people over they’re always commenting on how good the coffee is. A notch above is not fair to what you serve — it’s in a league of its own." -Josh Balter


"The espresso’s magnificent, the blend’s terrific, and I can’t wait to come back again." -Chaz Esposito


"I came here a couple weeks ago. I loved your coffee, I’m glad you’re open. I wish you all the luck in the world and I think you’re gonna’ make it here. It’s definitely a different kind of business - it’s gonna’ attract a lot more people here. We don’t have something like this in East Haven so it’s gonna’ do well, it’s gonna’ do very well." -Joe Carfora


"East Haven is so lucky to have you guys in town. Looking forward to the Saturday hours. I'll be coming from Wallingford to enjoy your coffee. Will you do iced coffee???" [Yes we will!]  -Tamara Rae


We set up shop here because we wanted to offer something special — something we cared deeply about — to a community that we felt had limited options for high quality organic and fair trade coffees sold at reasonable prices and delivered locally. We’ve been very fortunate to be embraced in an area that for so long has been dominated by big chain coffee vendors, and the reactions of so many people we’ve spoken to hit on something very important — the value of shopping locally.


We often hear that it’s good to support local small businesses, and if you’re already a customer of ours we are so thankful for that support, but, frankly, we’re just the tip of the iceberg. Why is it specifically that shopping locally makes such a difference? Why is it so important?


We thought we’d take this blog as an opportunity to answer these questions — the obvious and the not-so-obvious reasons. Let’s dive in.


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A Closer Look at Coffee's Organic Certification

The Good, The Bad, and Where We Stand on It—


“One World Roasters is an organic coffee roaster, right? You work exclusively with small organic farms and distributors that only use up-to-date best practices to minimize their impact—


So why aren’t you certified organic?”


Read on and we’ll get to the bottom of this!


Organic food is pretty amazing stuff — it’s what our bodies were designed eat and drink. It’s the good stuff we, in theory, don’t have to worry about.


Today, big brands and supermarkets can’t seem to slap a USDA Organic seal on their products quickly enough. But looking back 15-20 years ago, the perception of organic foods and products was very different.


NBC News noted all the way back in 2006 that better quality controls and regulations on the fringe food movement had transformed the niche movement into a booming $14 billion international industry. Organic was no longer just for the weirdo tree-huggers; it was for everyone and a certain certification had a lot to do with bringing on that shift (for the record, we are, and love weirdo tree-huggers!).

There is obvious good to this change — this means healthier, often better quality food available to more people more affordably than ever before, but there’s more to the story and we want to share the full tale with you in this month’s blog. We’ll also look into where we and many of our peers in the organic small coffee businesses fit into the bigger picture of organic certifications.


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10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate

International Coffee Day

(And Be More Mindful of Your Coffee Intake Every day!)

October 1st was International Coffee Day — and we bet you had a cup. But don’t you do that every day anyway? Here are some great ways to celebrate our favorite beverage and break out of your routine any day.


Coffee is always a cause celebration, but for however much of it we may drink (about 2.25 billion cups every day across the globe), it often becomes an unconscious part of our routines — something we do and don’t think much about.


International Coffee Day is about making it special again.


You have the opportunity to make coffee something new and more meaningful in your life — a chance to be more mindful in your consumption of it, and come together with friends and fellow enthusiasts to enjoy this world tradition in all of its splendor!


To help get your festivities off on the right foot, we’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite ways to celebrate a day dedicated to coffee! 


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How & Where We Find Our Coffees

OWR Searches for the Perfect Organic Honduran Coffee

@ Royal Coffee New York

We spend almost as much time it seems scouring the world for the absolute finest coffee beans as we do roasting themWhy? Because we only want to offer our customers the very best coffees available — and that means a lot of traveling and maintaining a coffee supply that is ever-growing and evolving.


To show you how we find the very special coffees we roast, we wanted to give you a look into Royal Coffee New York’s recent industry-only “Micro Lot Cupping Event” that Ben and Eric recently attended.


The guys had a great time, got waaay-over-caffeinated, and had an opportunity to taste a huge variety of fine Costa Rican beans and some really killer organic Honduran coffees both from small micro lots across Central America.


We began our search a couple months ago for an extra-fine Honduran bean that would live up to the rigorous OWR standard. When Royal Coffee New York tapped us to attend their insider cupping, we knew it would be a great opportunity to sample some of the very best in this coffee genre and, obviously, we couldn’t say no to the promise of great coffee!


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