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A Quick ‘N Simple Guide to Coffee Composting

Coffee grounds have a colorful history of clogging sinks and leaking out of garbage bags — it’s easy to make coffee, but what do you do with the soggy aftermath? 


We recommend you compost it! … And no coffee grounds are better for composting than 100% organic coffees like the ones we carry at One World. Organic coffee isn’t just better for the health of coffee drinkers and producers, it’s also better for your garden!


Before we dive into the benefits of adding coffee grounds to your compost pile, let’s review why composting in general is such a great idea.


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5 Facts About Costa Rican Coffees

Betcha' didn't know  ...

Did you know it's illegal to grow any coffee other than Arabica in Costa Rica??


The coffee world has buzzed about Costa Rica for many years now, but what’s so special about this little country and its coffee? Let’s dig into five tantalizing facts you probably didn't know about one of the finest coffee lands in the Americas!


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The Best Coffee Brewing Methods for Every Situation 


You don’t need a special occasion to brew yourself a stellar cup of coffee, but a different occasion can call for a different approach. We all have our go-to methods of preparing coffee to our liking, but with a little exploration we have the power to bring out entirely different flavors and qualities in the coffees we love and even make coffee possible in a variety of different situations (camping trip, anyone?).


In this month’s blog we’ll explore seven of our favorite coffee brewing methods that, when done properly, will give you great cups of coffee suited to your taste and convenience.


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