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The City Roast

Fueling New Haven's 9th Square Market



Readying The Roast


Amazing coffee and a low eco-footprint all start with the way we roast. Eric fires up the Diedrich infrared roaster for each small-batch coffee roast he crafts. The unique infrared technology provides maximum control over the smallest details of the roast process and makes for low carbon emission clean roasting.


A Roast That Reminds You of Home


Ninth Square Market’s owner Eddie hails from Safita Syria, a town where each day begins with a small invigorating cup of extra dark roast coffee. Much like Turkish coffee, the classic Syrian coffee is a dark roast finely ground and served in a small cup. Eddie wanted Eric to apply a similar roasting technique to his custom-crafted Ninth-Square City Roast.


Documenting the Roast


Eric keeps a meticulous log of every roast — recording temperature specs and their impact on each bean variety, changes to environmental conditions, and moisture content. This means nearly perfect consistency from roast to roast.

The attention to detail continues into the cooling phase where the freshly roasted beans are dropped into a ventilated cooling bin instantly halting the roast and preserving consistency from batch to batch.



Packing It Up


Once the beans have had a chance to rest we weigh them and transfer them to the appropriate packaging. Each coffee has its own distinct flavor profile which we categorize on each label to help customers find the specific coffees that speak to their tastes.


Weighing the Beans

Packaging the Coffee

Labeling the Packages



Off to the City


With the roasts in hand, Eric personally delivers each local order to his customers. As a person who knows the importance of every relationship and a happy customer, Eric sees to it that all orders make it through the doors on time and measure up to each client’s expectations. 


One Coffee Coming Up, or make that two...


We’ve built up some very dedicated fans through our many vendors so we like to reward that enthusiasm in any way we can! Clients like Ninth Square Market offer special reward cards for die-hard roast lovers for a free cup after six tasty OWR coffees.



Customers are happy ...


The Ninth Square locals can drop by for a quick cup or grab a seat and stick around for something tasty from the grill. Eddie’s bacon, egg, and cheese is an OWR favorite!

Owner Eddie with wife Naela Hanna enjoying a rare coffee break after the morning rush.


Another Day — Another Roast!


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