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Go Fair Trade for the Holidays


Coffee is woven into the patchwork of so many traditions across cultural lines, and can signify anything from a gesture of goodwill to a new friend (remember the Ethiopian coffee ceremony?) to the conclusion of a great meal with family. We are also flooded with A LOT of coffee products and advertisements at this time of year. Coffee is all around us during holiday seasons, so we propose a new way of celebrating—why not go “fair trade for the holidays?”


A common thread many holidays have is an acknowledgement of those who worked hard to make your celebration possible, and those who are not as fortunate to partake in such festivities. We’ve written before on the importance of fair-trade especially in the coffee world, where incredibly long work days of rigorous labor for very meager and often inconsistent pay (which can be as low as $2-3 a day/$500-$1000 a year!) are devastating realities for so many coffee farmers. In the past, it has been very difficult for the consumer to take a stand against these cruel practices and help these men and women in need.



Now we have the power to chose and make a difference. Consider giving the people who make the food, drink, and clothing items you love some holiday cheer by seeking out products that carry the fair trade seal.


Coffee is a great place to start, as all of One World Roasters’ coffees are fair trade and sourced from ethical farms, but we encourage you to go beyond this. Maybe consider a certain sweet you love at this time of year (chocolate, anyone?) or a clothing item you often gift. Organizations like Fair Trade USA are helpful resources we highly recommend checking out.


It’s a small step that can have a profound impact and it’s one that we can all take in our own unique way.


Much love and spread goodness this holiday season,

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