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10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate

International Coffee Day

(And Be More Mindful of Your Coffee Intake Every day!)

September 29th is International Coffee Day — and we bet you're having a cup. But don’t you do that every day anyway? Here are some great ways to celebrate our favorite beverage and break out of your routine any day.


Coffee is always a cause celebration, but for however much of it we may drink (about 2.25 billion cups every day across the globe), it often becomes an unconscious part of our routines — something we do and don’t think much about.


International Coffee Day is about making it special again.


You have the opportunity to make coffee something new and more meaningful in your life — a chance to be more mindful in your consumption of it, and come together with friends and fellow enthusiasts to enjoy this world tradition in all of its splendor!


To help get your festivities off on the right foot, we’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite ways to celebrate a day dedicated to coffee! 


1) Get coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while


Let’s get coffee” — is there any better excuse to see someone you’ve missed recently? Every culture has its own way of embracing new friends or the people we wish we saw more of in our lives — from Sweden’s coffee breaks (Fika) to Ethiopia’s coffee ceremonies (more on those below).


Use your Coffee Day as a chance to reconnect with the people you haven’t had the time or opportunity to see in recent weeks, months, or maybe years. And if you want to make this reunion extra special, see the next point below.


2) Indulge in a new coffee or coffee preparation


Eric and I were recently chatting about this wild $10 licorice latte a particular coffee shop in Brooklyn sells. The coffee is grown in Ethiopia, roasted in Norway, and flavored with raw licorice powder from Denmark … and yeah, did we mention, it’s 10 bucks?


Our initial reactions to the “would you try it” question were “no way,” but we slowly realized— we were pretty curious about it and agreed that part of what makes life so enjoyable are the little splurges and things we try on a whim. Ultimately, we decided it was worth doing.


If you’re feeling stuck in the same-old coffee routine, there’s no reason to be! Every origin, micro lot, drying process, roast style, and preparation brings its own distinct flavors, aromas, and mouthfeel to each to coffee. Try a new variety, preparation, or coffee splurge with a friend for this year’s International Coffee Day!


Recommended Reading: What makes every single origin coffee variety taste different? 


Not sure where to start? Our Featured Coffees page highlights the new and exceptional coffees we carry every month in our ever-changing inventory.


For Halloween this year, how about trying a terrifyingly good espresso? OWR’s Black Kat Espresso uses a secret blend of specially selected organic Brazilian and Ethiopian beans roasted individually to create an unbelievably smooth velvet texture, decadent aroma, and addicting spice notes that will cast a spell on your taste buds! 


Pick up a freshly roasted batch in our online shop.


3) Find out where your go-to coffee comes from and how it gets to you


We mentioned earlier how coffee can become an automatic thing for us — something we become disconnected from in our daily routines. At the same time, we also take for granted just how much intense labor goes into cultivating the beans we enjoy and how extensive a journey they take getting to our stores for purchase.


If you’ve never considered how your favorite cup of Joe makes its way over to your kitchen or mug, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Tracing your coffee's path to the marketplace will either enhance your appreciation of it or, perhaps, help you make more mindful choices in the future.


Look up your favorite coffee vendors online and see if they offer any transparency regarding how they sourced their coffees and if they’re doing their part to support the farmers they work with.


4) Make the commitment to go fair trade for the next year


Going hand-in-hand with the last point, you may want to consider making a pledge for the next year to go fair trade-only with your coffee consumption.


Why? Fair trade coffee farms ensure that their farmers are paid livable wages, taught responsible growing practices, and given safe and ethical work conditions that are mindful of their health and wellbeing, as well as the ecosystems they work with everyday.


In addition to being 100% organic, all One World coffees are certified fair trade.


Recommended Reading: Why Go Fair Trade?


5) Re-evaluate your footprint (and upgrade your tools!)


We are obsessed with our carbon footprint and keeping it as low as we possibly can through direct trade relationships that cut out unnecessary transportation, low-emissions infrared roasting, and seeking out bird-friendly/shade-grown coffees wherever possible.


Are there ways in your coffee routine that you can lower your impact? Perhaps measuring out the exact amount of water you need to prepare your coffee, bringing a reusable mug with you, using biodegradable coffee filters, or doing away with the Keurig in favor of a pour-over coffee maker? A small change over the course of one year can make a huge difference.


There are also a lot of certifications that exist in the coffee world, and, admittedly, they can be a bit confusing. If you’re looking to make sense of them and be more mindful with your coffee purchases, check out our blog on certifications below.


Recommended Reading: Understanding Coffee Certifications 

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6) Host your own coffee ceremony


Few countries are more essential to coffee’s history and culture of appreciation than Ethiopia, home of the first coffees and — you guessed it — the coffee ceremony. These are relaxed gathering of friends coming together to enjoy each other’s company along with fresh popcorn meticulously pan-roasted cups of flawless coffee.


You don’t have to have all of the traditional tools to hold your own ceremony — you just need some good friends and a desire to try something new with them. If you’ve never used a French press before — have a French press coffee ceremony. Perhaps share a new coffee recipe or preparation with your party. Add some tasty hors-d'oeuvres and you’ve got your own new tradition to look forward to each year.


Recommended Reading: The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony


7) Make a fabulous coffee cocktail for yourself and friends


Jumping off from the last point, if pan-roasting green coffee beans sounds like a little much, sharing a quick and delicious coffee cocktail with your guests will be a sure-fire hit.


We have an extensive list of favorite recipes from the OWR staff that are right for all occasions and tastes preferences. Check out our recipe page for some inspiration!


8) Hold your own coffee cupping


If you want to get a little fancy, and throw a coffee party your guest will love, consider holding your own cupping.


While industry cuppings are fast-paced, intensely regimented affairs, yours doesn’t need to be anything other than a great time. Pick up a few coffee varieties you’ve been eager to try from local roasters and coffee vendors around you and analyze their aromas, flavor profiles, and mouth-feel with a small group of friends. It’s a lot of fun — especially when you start talking about defects! (Rubbery? Papery? Meaty?).


Recommended Reading: How OWR Does a Coffee Cupping


9) Donate to a charity that supports coffee farmers internationally


Can you do more than going fair trade to help the tireless coffee farmers that make your favorite pick-me-up possible? You bet. There are a number charitable organizations that have direct impacts day on the lives of coffee farmers. International Coffee Day is a great time to consider making a mindful contribution. made a helpful list containing some of the most effective charities to consider. These causes help where fair trade ends — providing critical medical care, necessary infrastructure, and healthy living conditions to farmers and their families across the world.


Recommended Reading: 6 Charities That Directly Help Coffee Farmers


10) Get yourself or a fellow coffee-lover an awesome upcycle gift


We’ve had the pleasure of working with a few very talented partners who regularly use our jute sacks (the big fiber sacks we receive our green coffee beans in) to create eye-popping crafts, fashion accessories, and cookware.


If you want to make a coffee-lover’s day, and do it in an incredibly mindful way, consider giving them one of these awesome upcycle gifts!


Recommended Reading: OWR's Upcycle Partners 


So how will you celebrate? Make International Coffee Day your own and share love and compassion with the people you care about and the farmers who make it all happen!


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