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Only 100% arabica, organic, and fair trade - all sourced from ethical coffee farms across the world's finest coffee-growing regions. You can't go wrong! One World Roasters offers fantastic coffees to suit every palate, but to help you make the best selections for your unique tastes have a look at our coffee typography below!



Single Origin

As you can guess, single origin coffees come from one specific region (for instance our Sumatra which hails from the Takengon region of Indonesia). You've probably heard a lot of talk these days about single origin coffees – and with good reason – they're wonderful! Single origin coffees can give you flavors you'd never expect in a coffee – tart berries, zesty citrus, rich hazelnut, decadent chocolate truffle – but that's only if theyre roasted properly!

The trend in many bigger coffee chains is to char many of these amazing beans to the point of hardly distinguishing from each other. We're very proud of the close relationships we have with the independent coffee farms and co-ops we work with, from Indonesia, to Kenya, down to Brazil, and roast our coffees to maximize the unique characteristics of each bean. 


But we don't just want you to taste the difference — we want you to know it, too. This is why One World Roasters only works with coffee farms that offer complete transparency of their practices and sourcing. This way we know, and you know, too, that you're getting a great product and giving your support to the people who need it most.


Visit the Wholesale page or shop One World's online store with an excellent selection of single origins!


What about coffee blends? A blended coffee as you might expect is made up of coffee beans from two or more distinct regions. With all the buzz about single origins, why would you want a blend? 


What makes a fabulous culinary dish or cocktail so special? The reason is that the creator perfectly balanced the flavors to create a completely new taste experience that doesn't exist in one piece of food or liquor alone. The same can be said of coffee blends.


But as with single origins, many brands cut corners to save time. They divy up the beans, throw them together, roast them at one temperature and call it a day. Not so at One World Roasters! We want the brilliance and complexity of all of our beans to shine through in our premium coffee blends, like our flagship roast The Worldly Blend, made from a secret recipe of Ethiopian, Brazilian, and Sumatra beans that we roast individually before blending. Frankly, we think the difference speaks for itself speaks for itself – but we have plenty to say about it!


We also make custom blends for vendors! If you'd like to sell or serve One World coffee we're happy to work together with you to create your organic dream coffee. Check out collaborations with New Haven businesses mActivity and Ninth Square Market to see how it all works.


Visit the Wholesale page for more details on making your own coffee blend!


Believe it or not, there are no espresso plants in nature! Espresso is actually a roast level, which means any coffee in theory can become an espresso ... but it takes some very special coffee beans to become a One World espresso! Most single origin coffees don't have what it takes to become a smooth, complex, and delicious espresso, so most of the finest espressos, like One World Roasters' signature Black Kat, are made from sophisticated blending practices.


As with any of our other blended coffees we work together dilligently with our vendors to create the perfect espresso for their individual tastes and preferred espresso making method (automatic or manual, just let us know!).


See what the discerning folks of Yale's Quantum Institute think of their custom OWR espresso they serve every day!


Visit the Wholesale page for more info on creating a custom espresso blend for your organization!



"With enough coffee, anything is possible."

~ Anonymous

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