At One World Roasters, we are perfectionists when it comes to every aspect of coffee. To understand the processes behind growing, roasting, blending, brewing and cupping coffees, we have gathered the following information to enhance your knowledge. Our coffees are crafted with a committment to fair trade and the environment... for a world in which we all share a hopeful future.

Our Beans, Our Partners

We start with the highest quality coffee beans of the arabica species usually grown in the shade at high altitude. There are many varieties of arabica coffee with only a few producing top quality coffees. Other beans from the robusta species produce a lower quality coffee which is used mainly as filler coffee in commercial and supermarket blends to reduce cost. Like many specialty roasters, One World buys only 100% arabica beans to create our perfect coffees.

Within the world's major coffee growing regions, we search for the best of the coffee harvests while seeking to build partnerships with the farming communities. We are dedicated not only to providing our customers with the highest-quality coffee available, but also to assure our customers of the importance that fair trade and social responsibility play in our business practices.


Rather than look upon other coffee vendors as competitors, we view them as potential allies in the ongoing challenge to help our coffee producers achieve a better way of life. Contact us to learn more about becoming a partner of One World Roasters.

Roasting & Blending Perfected

Creating a premium coffee requires experience but also the innate ability to know when a coffee's roast is complete. It takes more than the latest technology to roast coffee; it also requires an intuitive knowledge and expertise in identifying the unique roast profile for each type of bean. To unlock coffee's exquisite flavor, One World takes the time to find that perfect roast and uses today's technology to deliver it time after time.

Our roaster is a high-quality Diedrich machine that offers precise controllability to coax each bean toward peak flavor, intense aroma and delicious taste. Individualized roasts are the first step in crafting our blended coffee blends just for you! Our master roaster knows exactly which beans to combine for coffee blended to ultimate perfection.

Brewing for Taste, Cupping to Test

To brew a great cup of coffee, the grind must be suitable for your type of brewing equipment and have a uniform particle size. If buying whole beans, we can recommend a brand of grinder and the type of grind you need for a drip brewer or a french press.

Brewed coffee is almost all water so it is important that the water used in brewing be clean and filtered. The ratio of coffee to water should be fairly every time but can be adjusted to taste. Since most measurement of ground coffee is done with a standard coffee measure, usually a scoop of coffee (about an 1/4 of a cup) or two heaping teaspoons to one cup of water is sufficient.


Coffee tasting, also called cupping, is a technique used to evaluate the flavor profile of various coffees. When attending a One World Coffee tasting, you will begin to train your palate to detect a coffee's essential characteristics of acidity, body, aroma, flavor and balance.


After trying our single origin coffees or blends, you'll be able to choose your favorite to take home with you after the tasting. Or why wait? Contact us today to order your perfect coffee and enjoy!

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