Coffee Seminars

Covering the essentials of coffee roasting, this course will outline the entire process:
From green coffee sourcing to roasting equipment and operation to roast profiling and basic brewing techniques, you'll learn the basics to get started and gain a sound understanding of coffee science. Read on for more course info and registration.

  • Duration: Each seminar runs from  2:00-4:30pm on three Sundays (3/31, 4/7 & 4/14) 
  • Cost: $175 per person (includes all 3 seminars)
  • Course Number: Maximum of 8 people
  • Experience Required: Beginner to Basic

Never Roasted, Coffee Shop Owner wanting

to Roast in House, Home Roaster.


Sunday, March 31

Sourcing is an integral part of experiencing new and diverse coffees. Each coffee-producing country offers unique qualities in the coffees they produce and trade. Join us as we explore these differences on the cupping table and share our experiences working with rural coffees around the world. Learn about the processing techniques that change and refine the finished product, and how we use a flavor cupping wheel to determine which coffees make it into your cup.



Sunday, April 7

There is a lot of science to roasting coffee. This seminar offers a breakdown of the science and technique used to roast a coffee evenly and to the desired degree. Learn how to manipulate the flavors of a coffee through temperature control and timing. Our roaster will demonstrate how to operate a Gene Cafe home roaster, followed by a demonstration of a Diedrich IR-5 professional roaster. There will also be a coffee tasting of 3 different roasting profiles. 




Sunday, April 14

Many things affect the final cup of coffee that you enjoy. Water temperature, grind size, flow rate and many other variables can be fine-tuned to amplify desired flavors. In this seminar, we discuss these key variables and explain on the basic science of coffee extraction. We will taste a coffee prepared using two different types of extraction methods, comparing and contrasting each one. Suggestions will be offered for tools and equipment to brew at home!






Course Duration

3 Seminars


Seminar Times

Sunday, March 31, 2:00-4:30 PM

Sunday, April 7, 2:00-4:30 PM

Sunday, April 14, 2:00-4:30 PM


No experience required. 


Registration closes March 18 or once spaces have been filled. Register soon!

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