Organic Costa Rican Coffee

Organic Costa Rican Tarrazu (Fair Trade)

Grown in the rich volcanic soils of Costa Rica’s famed Tarrazu region, these choice Arabica coffee cherries are ripened evenly at 1,400 to 1,600 meters, hand-picked, sun dried and dark roasted for a unique taste. 


The elevation, temperature, and rainfall of the Tarrazu region are ideal for coffee production. The combination of ideal climactic conditions with outstanding soils produces a hard, dense bean, rich in essential oils that produce an intensely aromatic cup of coffee overflowing with rich flavor.


As far as climate, Tarrazu is characterized by two well-defined seasons; a rainy season lasting seven months (May through November) and a dry season (December through April). Harvesting is a five month period, from November through March.  It coincides with the dry season, which offers uniform ripeness and a high quality fruit. 


The Tarrazu region is made up of three counties: Tarrazu, Dota and Leon Cortes. That is the original Tarrazu region, known for producing a balanced coffee with very distinctive traits, like a chocolate nutty aroma, good body and high acidity.


The coffee region is known as Tarrazu because, when coffee production started in 1865, Tarrazu was the only county, so the entire production of coffee was credited to it. The Tarrazu county was officially created in 1868 and presently covers only 25% of its original area.

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