Dominican Red Honey Pico Duarte

Direct Trade Organic Dominican Coffee from Spirit Mountain

Christine & Eric Ciolino of One World Roasters wave hello from Spirit Mountain Coffee Farm - 2014

Spirit Mountain coffee is grown on a 350 acre ecological reserve located high in the Central Mountain Range of the Dominican Republic. The plantation is certified organic and produces a very smooth Caribbean brew with good body, a milk chocolate, slight sweet & salty flavor with very mild acidity. The coffee is grown under a diverse multi leveled shade canopy that is home to many of the Dominican Republic’s many rare and beautiful endemic bird species. 


And our organic Dominican coffee is now more delicious than ever! We are very proud to offer our first red honey process coffee. What does red honey mean and what is the honey process in general? 



As you may know, coffee is not, in fact, a bean but the pit of a juicy stone fruit called a "coffee cherry." With most coffees, it's easiest to fully or almost fully wash the juice and pulp from the beans, but taking care to age the beans with this sweet "honey-like" coating beneath the natural shade of nearby trees can bring out delightfully rich and fruity qualities in the coffee, as is the case with our Red Honey Pico Duarte. 


Red honey and black honey are the longest-aged honey coffees and bring out the most complex flavors and mouthfeel qualities in the beans. And with one taste you'll see exactly what we mean! Ripe berry and chocolate flavors with a deep juicy texture that will blow your tastebuds away whether served black or with milk!


The Mission of Spirit Mountain

Typica’ and ‘Caturra’ coffee plants can be found in abundance between 3,500 and 4,500 feet elevation on the Spirit Mountain plantation, where coffee is harvested using practices surpassing Fair Trade standards.


Improving the quality and diversity of the shade canopy of Spirit Mountain coffee farm began with devoting more resources to the rejuvenation of older coffee plants while planting new ones where older coffee plants had since died. Reforestation efforts have also included the reintroduction of native hardwood species that were either rare or non-existent in the region. 


Read more about "Spirit Mountain... Best Coffee in the Caribbean"


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