Ethiopian Sidamo

Organic Ethiopian Coffee (Fair Trade)

This wonderful single-origin Ethiopian was an interesting bean to roast—and the results were definitely worth it! A light-medium roast, our Sidamo has a berry and citrus fruit character balanced magnificently with a very nutty brown-sugar sweetness that makes your mouth water.


* This coffee is certified fair-trade and organic at origin.



The forests of Ethiopia, coffee arabica first grew wild before humans inhabited the land making this the birthplace of coffee! Ethiopian coffees are available as dry-processed or washed, and from Sidamo as both.



"I’m usually into a much darker roast for my Ethiopians, but this was a nice change. It definitely brought out some brightness and complexity in the bean. Very easy drinking!" ~ Review from



This is a washed coffee where the coffee bean is removed from the coffee cherry, fermented to remove mucilage, then dried. After a taste of this coffee you’ll understand why One World has chosen to offer this Ethiopian from Sidamo.


"This coffee smells amazing and tastes even better. Well balanced and flavorful without being overly bitter. A real find!" ~ Review from


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