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OWR's personalized gift baskets, coffee in a cup  or samplers are just what you need for the coffee lovers in your life. Shop online here, pick up in store or let us deliver it locally.


Orders made December 22, may be limited to baskets and coffees that are in stock.

Gift Basket 40.00


Gift Basket Includes:

  • Any Two One World Coffees in 12 oz. bags
  • Espresso Scented Candle
  • Chocolate Espresso Bark
  • One World Roasters Mug
  • OWR One-Shot Espresso Cup
  • Coffee or Cappucino Flavored Candies

Deluxe Gift Basket 65.00


  • All of the Above, plus an Air-tight Coffee Storage Canister!


To keeps coffee tasting its very best, this vacuum canister completely seals out air with its special compression lid. Stainless steel and BPA-free. Regularly $29.95, save 5$ when adding it to a gift basket.



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Grind Choice 2:

Coffee in a Cup21.00



Your choice of any 12 oz. coffee n a signature One World Roasters mug. To preview coffee selections with descriptions, please visit the Buy Coffees section.



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Sampler Boxes with Three 12oz. Coffees

Lightly Roasted28.00

Three coffees lightly roasted to perfection...
Africans from Sidamo, Ethiopia and Maganjo, Kenyan with an island coffee from Mount Pico Duarte in Dominican Republic.

Give a little light to your life with this Lightly Roasted Sampler!

Choose Grind:

Three Colors28.00

Coffees at their optimal roast levels ... a Kenyan light, Guatemalan medium and Sumatran dark in 12 oz. bags.


Discover the differences in flavor, body and acidity of these three different coffee roasts.

Choose Grind:

Dark Matters 28.00

Three dark roasts from Sumatra, Colombia and Brazil...


Enjoy these 12 oz. coffees to see why darks are bold, beautiful and full-bodied with a Dark Matters Sampler!

Choose Grind

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