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One World Roasters Collaborates with New England Brewing Co. on new Coffee Breath Stout!

OWR's Eric Ciolino enjoys a beer with New England Brewing Co. brewer Sebastian D'Agostino


Coffee Stout's are a beverage enthusiast's dream come true—the rich aroma, balanced malty sweetness, roasty notes, and deep complex flavors are truly worthy of the holy union between coffee and beer! We are incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to work with the great people at New England Brewing Co. on a wonderful beer that truly captures the quality and spirit of collaboration we live for! 


We were fortunate enough to sit down with brewer Sebastian D'Agostino to discuss what makes this unique beer so special, as well as a little Q and A on coffee stouts in general.

Read the interview here!


Natural Awakenings Interview—Green Coffee IS Good Coffee

We've long made the case as to why organic and fair trade coffees are so important—not only to our health, but the well-being of our planet. One World Roasters was called on to contribute a feature article to the April 2016 edition of Natural Awakenings magazine on the importance of sustainability in the coffee industry. 


Have a look with us at the many certifications out there, as we weigh their pros and cons and dispel some lingering myths that surround them.


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Recipe of the Month: Espresso con Leche

Bold, rich, and incredibly flavorful. This mouth-watering twist on traditional espresso preparation will persuade you to add another mid-morning break to your schedule!


Visit the Recipe Page!

Coffee of the Month: Colombian El Toro

Colombian coffees have a lot to live up to—with a taste and legacy that reaches far into the history of coffee making itself. One World Roasters' own organic, fair-trade Colombian El Toro is truly a special treat—an incredibly versatile coffee ideal for any time of day, with a lush medium body and decadent notes of nutty, caramel sweetness balanced by a pleasing acidity. Not to be missed!


Learn more about it in our Coffee of the Month section.

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