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One World Roasters' Espresso Workshop with Yale Quantum Institute 

Eric Ciolino discusses "wet-blending" with members of Yale Quantum Institute

Making a good espresso isn’t quantum science—but it can come close. Creating that perfectly intense and invigorating shot of joy requires an intrepid spirit, intensive research, and the insatiable curiosity of the scientific mind.


We recently brought the worlds of coffee and science together in a brilliant fashion with an interactive espresso workshop with Yale Quantum Institute. This special union came together courtesy of the “one normal person” at the organization, Stephanie Hessing, manager of the institute. 


Read the full article here!

One World Roasters Collaborates with New England Brewing Co. on new Coffee Breath Stout!

OWR's Eric Ciolino enjoys a beer with New England Brewing Co. brewer Sebastian D'Agostino


Coffee Stout's are a beverage enthusiast's dream come true—the rich aroma, balanced malty sweetness, roasty notes, and deep complex flavors are truly worthy of the holy union between coffee and beer! We are incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to work with the great people at New England Brewing Co. on a wonderful beer that truly captures the quality and spirit of collaboration we live for! 


We were fortunate enough to sit down with brewer Sebastian D'Agostino to discuss what makes this unique beer so special, as well as a little Q and A on coffee stouts in general.

Read the interview here!


Recipe of the Month: Strawberries & Cream Frappucino

If you are a fan of strawberries you will love this month's recipe! Luscious, ripe strawberries abound in this frosty treat, but the fruity hints of berry flavor in our lightly-roasted Kenyan coffee beans deserve some of the credit too!


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Coffee of the Month: Kenyan AA

Gorgeously serene and graced with the slightest cover of snow, Mount Kenya serves as a monument to nature's artistry— it also is the birthplace of One World Roasters' Kenyan AA. The northeastern slope of the mountain provides the perfect conditions for growing exceptional and distinctive coffee beans with its ample exposure to sunlight and rainfall, as well as its uniquely rich and acidic soil.


Learn more about it in our Coffee of the Month section.

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